Some of the Most Popular My Pillow Pets Options

My Pillow Pets has done a fantastic job of creating a lot of different stuffed animals that kids want to have. There are more than 30 different options ranging from all different sorts of animals. The thing that all sets these items apart from the competition is the ability for these products to be a stuffed animal and a pillow all at once. When you combine that with the fact that they are made with durable materials, and a very soft plush material that kids want to cuddle with, you can see how they have become so popular so quickly.

The first options that this company came up with were a variety of different stuffed animals. You were able to pick from My Pillow Pets cows, dogs, horses, monkeys, bears, and just about anything you could think of. Creative animals such as lions, ducks, whales, and things of that nature soon followed making it very easy to find an animal that kids were sure to love. This also led to them introducing things such as blankets, backpacks, and even some slippers when it comes to their most popular animals. One of the newest items that have been introduced even includes hats of the most popular animals.

My Pillow Pets dinosaurs soon followed, and these was neat because you were able to get some stuffed animals that were still pillows, still made out of the same comfortable materials, but were a little bit more scary looking. There were three great options that included T-Rex, Triceratops, and Pterodactyl. All of these items are also very popular, and they are a nice change of pace from the cuddly animals. Dinosaurs have always been a popular toy for children, and these stuffed animals are as well.

All of these items look fantastic and are something that kids would love to have for a present. So if you are in the market for some new and fun stuffed animals, this would be a great company to check out. The great selection, great materials, and great look of the My Pillow Pets items are going to make you very happy.

Pillow Pets Review – Everything You Need to Know

If you are looking for a Christmas toy idea, then this article has something to share with you. Basically, I will talk about 3 things-what is My Pillow Pets, why it is one of the demanded toys, and 3 examples of pillow pets. After reading this article, you will learn the benefits your children can enjoy when having this cool product!

This product by AsSeenonTV are stuff toy animals that have an innovative concept design. They come in numerous designs and animal representations. You might be asking the question right now, “How come a stuff toy become a pillow?” Simple! Every Pillow Pet can be fold out to make it a pillow. How? It uses a Velcro that keeps its shape and when the time your kid will rest or sleep, he can undo the Velcro to make it flip out to become a pillow.

Pillow Pets have been in-demand for many years. This year, it is noted as one of the best Christmas toy. They are fabricated with a very soft material that your kids will surely love to use when resting.

There are many various pet animals to choose from. The collection is growing daily! Listed below are 3 samples of the kinds of models you can buy:


Should you be looking for a pillow that is more distinctive from the Pillows selection, then the Triceratops is an ideal product for you. This kind of product is one thing which children will always love, because children like adorable animals, it could be Triceratops dinosaur.


There are new additions to the selection of My Pillow Pets. One of the additions is the T-Rex. One such addition would have to be the T-Rex. It is still manufactured from the best plush materials that always make users pleased. This has a good appearance and amazing features that continually made it very trendy.


This is an excellent product. It is very entertaining and unique, that you would certainly anticipate from any kind Pillows. This particular product is an excellent purchase, and a thing that children will surely love. The good appearance of this item along with the special attributes that this product have makes it an absolute must have product for all kids.

One thing regarding My Pillow Pets is you can purchase a lot of them, if your kids desires to collect many, or you just choose the pet that is great for them. The Pillows can also be bought in different sizes to be able to complement different age brackets.

If you are thinking about giving your child or toddler a unique toy this year you should consider get pillow pet []. They will love it!

Dream Lites Pillow Pets Review: A Night Light Show for Bedtime

There are monsters in the closet, ghosts in the vents and a vast darkness as far as the eye can see. The imaginations of our little ones run wild with dark thoughts when it’s time for bedtime don’t they? And there’s nothing like a bad dream or nightmare to interrupt mommy & daddy’s personal time. Being scared of the dark is natural – even for adults. And there’s no worse feeling as a child.

Now, the creators of the Pillow Pets from a few years back have taken this huge As Seen on TV hit one step further to create the Dream Lite (Light) Pillow Pet. In case you don’t you remember, Pillow Pets hit the infomercial market a few years back and almost every kid on the planet was asking Santa to drop one off on Christmas Eve. If you’re a new parent, I’ll bring you up to speed – these numerous animal characters unfolded into a comfy pillow or folded up to make a terrific stuffed playmate.

Dream Lites has taken the cuddly Pillow Pet creatures and used them as a platform to create the new Dream Lites Pillow Pets – a pet that creates a magical light show that supposedly soothes & entertains your little one until they peacefully fall asleep. These built-in night lights display a peaceful, star-filled light show onto the ceiling (or any other surface in the bedroom). And at the center of the show is a projection of whichever Pillow Pet character you choose.

The Dream Lites Pillow Pets changes colors from green to blue to amber every four seconds – or you can set it to stay on one color. One great feature that we liked is the built-in timer that shuts it off after 20 minutes. This timer-mode saves the life of the batteries. And of course, just like the original Pillow Pets, the Dream Lites can be laid out flat or folded up as a pet.

Currently, there are four styles to choose from, with more being released closer to Christmas this year – the Rainbow Unicorn, Playful Penguin, Snuggly Puppy & the Fluttery Butterfly.

If your kids have been watching television at all the past few months, there’s no way that they have missed the As Seen on TV Infomercial for the Dream Lites Pillow Pets. And if your kids are anything like mine, they beg for one every time they see the commercial. So we decided to let our 6 & 8 year olds take them for a test spin & so far, the Dream Lites are a huge hit in our house.

Use Pet Health Insurance Reviews to Make Your Decision Easier

Until very recently, if you told someone you owned a pet, you would probably be talking about your dog, cat, fish or perhaps a small bird. However, over these past few years, there has been an explosion in the types of animals that people now keep as pets. For instance, there are approximately 10,000 Americans who keep large cats, such as lions, as pets! Exotic pets such as turtles, lizards and tropical frogs have also gained in popularity as more and more people are taking an interest in them as pets.

Countries spend large sums of money on caring for animals. In fact, it was highlighted in a newspaper that in Britain, there were over 5 million dogs, just over 4.5 million cats, and about 3 million small birds, fish and other small animals kept as pets, and that the British pet owners spend hundreds of thousands of pounds a year just on food for their pets.

Many people do not realize how expensive it can be to keep a pet. For instance, there are costs which seem obvious, such as pet food, but there are also the costs that people do not seem to think about. These could include medical treatments or medication, the cost of buying a cage, kennel or aquarium, the cost of leashes, toys and licenses and permits. All of these things must be paid for, and it is these ‘hidden’ costs that can really start to mount up.

One of the most important factors that pet owners need to think about is how they would cover the cost of any veterinary bill if their pet ever becomes ill or picks up an injury. Pet health insurance policies are a great way of absorbing expensive medicals bills, but how do owners know which insurance policy is the right one for them and their animal?

Pet Health Insurance Reviews are There to Help

Take a few hours to do a little research online and you will find a whole vault of information on the subject. There are so many sites that offer pet health insurance reviews, and these pet health insurance reviews allow pet owners to quickly and easily compare lots of different policies from different companies. These pet health insurance reviews are invaluable in helping and guiding pet owners to their ideal insurance policy.

By taking the time to read pet health insurance reviews, pet owners are sure to find the right policy for them; giving pet owners the peace of mind that they will be able to afford the best medical treatment for their pet no matter what happens.

Pet Insurance Review Listings Can Help You Make a Better Choice

Pet insurance review listings can help you make a better choice of health insurance for your pet. We often use reviews to help us find the best of something. Think of the power of Oprah’s Book Club – when she reviews a book it is almost guaranteed to be a best seller. People listen to reviews. Think of the last time you went to the cinema without having read at least one review of the movie you are going to see. This is the power of word of mouth. Advertising agencies have been cashing in on this for years, but that does not reduce the value of a personal testimonial. When it comes to pet insurance reviews come in two basic forms – the pet owner testimonial and the industry expert.

When a pet owner gives a pet insurance review it is usually in response to personal circumstance. Often that owner’s pet has undergone treatment for illness or accident and the pet insurance has either performed well, or left the owner feeling disillusioned and angry. Either way, the pet owner will create an emotional story detailing their experience with the pet insurance company. Sometimes it is hard to get an objective view of the insurance company from these testimonials which by their very nature are intensely subjective.

Another type of pet insurance review comes from an industry expert – a vet or a pet care specialist. These reviews are often written from the perspective of multiple interactions with the insurance company. Distinctly less emotional these reviews can sometimes seem aloof and dispassionate – concerned more with facts and figures than with real life situations. The benefit of the expert opinion though is the thorough nature of the investigation. From these reviews you will learn about pay out limits, hereditary exclusions and other conditions that can limit the value of a policy.

In the end run checking both the personal and expert reviews will give you a balanced view of the pet insurance company and the policy’s they offer. You can find these reviews on the inter-net and in pet related magazines. You can also ask friends, neighbors and your vet to supply personal reviews to round out the view you will compile from the published reviews. When you are shopping for a policy reading a pet insurance review or several reviews about the policy you are considering will help you to make an informed, educated choice.

Focus On The Walk Not The Talk

Leading by example is precisely why leaders focus on always doing exactly what they say. Your actions should be aligned with what you are saying. Although, it’s tough to practice what you preach; you need to model the change in behavior you want to see. The core of focusing on the walk not the talk is to be the change you want to see in others.

In other words, you need to assess your own behavior first before communicating these changes to your fellow because changing habitual practices isn’t as easy as simply making a choice. It’s very important for a leader to be consistent with their actions. The single most essential component to effective management is trust. Everything will go out the window when trust is lost. And in the eyes of most people, a lie is a lie.

Too often leaders want to run and/or hide from their mistakes. Don’t make excuses, but be clear that you recognize where you went wrong. Being sorry isn’t admission of defeat. It revisits the human aspect that people screw up for a superfluity of reasons. You are not an exemption. It is a great start to admit your mistakes and apologize. However, be clear in asking for support in moving forward. If you choose to ignore it than acknowledge it, don’t be flabbergasted if things don’t get better.

Show people what the organizational values mean through your behaviors. People learn by observing their leaders. You must focus on your walk more than your talk. Bringing values to life is a behavioral issue because you are a role model for your people. Your values can be seen in terms of your behavior, where you go, what you say, how you spend your time and how you deal with problems and crises.

Actions speak louder than words. Everyone has lapses. Make sure that you acknowledge whenever you find yourself off track and in breach of values. When problems catch you off-balance, your immediate reaction might be contrary to your personal or organizational values system. Remember, subordinates follow your lead.

As a leader, you need to help your people succeed. You must smooth the way for them because there are always impediments and obstacles to achieving goals. You must identify these barriers, remove or lessen them, or show your members how to deal with those that can’t be removed.

People desire for recognition. The main reason why people leave their jobs is that they don’t feel appreciated. Recognizing a worthwhile behavior is the single best way to ensure organizational commitment. Although none of us would work for less money than we feel is fair, money alone isn’t enough for encouraging long-term high performance. People cannot be motivated when they feel that what they are asked to do is worthless or contrary to their fundamental values.

Most of us want to feel that we are valued as people, not just mere staff. We want to be respected for who we are, not simply for what we do. We also respond positively to be with others who share similar beliefs and with whom we can build relationships. That’s the very reason why we need to focus on the walk not the talk.