Dream Lites Pillow Pets Review: A Night Light Show for Bedtime

There are monsters in the closet, ghosts in the vents and a vast darkness as far as the eye can see. The imaginations of our little ones run wild with dark thoughts when it’s time for bedtime don’t they? And there’s nothing like a bad dream or nightmare to interrupt mommy & daddy’s personal time. Being scared of the dark is natural – even for adults. And there’s no worse feeling as a child.

Now, the creators of the Pillow Pets from a few years back have taken this huge As Seen on TV hit one step further to create the Dream Lite (Light) Pillow Pet. In case you don’t you remember, Pillow Pets hit the infomercial market a few years back and almost every kid on the planet was asking Santa to drop one off on Christmas Eve. If you’re a new parent, I’ll bring you up to speed – these numerous animal characters unfolded into a comfy pillow or folded up to make a terrific stuffed playmate.

Dream Lites has taken the cuddly Pillow Pet creatures and used them as a platform to create the new Dream Lites Pillow Pets – a pet that creates a magical light show that supposedly soothes & entertains your little one until they peacefully fall asleep. These built-in night lights display a peaceful, star-filled light show onto the ceiling (or any other surface in the bedroom). And at the center of the show is a projection of whichever Pillow Pet character you choose.

The Dream Lites Pillow Pets changes colors from green to blue to amber every four seconds – or you can set it to stay on one color. One great feature that we liked is the built-in timer that shuts it off after 20 minutes. This timer-mode saves the life of the batteries. And of course, just like the original Pillow Pets, the Dream Lites can be laid out flat or folded up as a pet.

Currently, there are four styles to choose from, with more being released closer to Christmas this year – the Rainbow Unicorn, Playful Penguin, Snuggly Puppy & the Fluttery Butterfly.

If your kids have been watching television at all the past few months, there’s no way that they have missed the As Seen on TV Infomercial for the Dream Lites Pillow Pets. And if your kids are anything like mine, they beg for one every time they see the commercial. So we decided to let our 6 & 8 year olds take them for a test spin & so far, the Dream Lites are a huge hit in our house.